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Since 2008 the original one board quiver, the o.g. hybrid, the board everyone loves and our flagship model,  the ' Doofer This '. If the waves are bad, good , indifferent or something else entirely the ' Doofer This ' is the board you need.

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The concept of the original ' Doofer This ' template came from putting two boards together to create a board that works in anything. You have the tail of a good wave board and the nose of a groveler. The result is a board that gives stability paddling, taking off, and during flat-spots, whilst still offering plenty of poise on rail and the ability to attack sections when its on.

The silhouette is the clearest expression of this, with a narrow round tail normally associated with hold and manoeuvrability in good waves, attached to a slightly broader pointed front half, giving you plenty of paddle power and ease of catching weaker smaller waves.

The rocker follows this theme, with some tail kick out the back and a gentler more gradual entry rocker. Off the back foot you have something that copes well in the pocket and off the front foot you have a board that engages well with the face of the wave to ensure lots of stability and forgiveness. 

The foils maintain that ethos with foam up top in the chest areas and a flatter deck that cambers gradually to more dome as it flows into the tail area. All of which gives sensitivity through turns and a unique blend of supremo paddler and ninja like manoeuvrability. 

The rails are that of a good wave shortboard through the tail with a slightly boxier feel as you move through and past the wide point towards the nose. Again, its all about that balance between control and ease of use, something the ' Doofer This ' is synonymous with.

The bottom shape maintains a single through the mid and back section of the board with light vee at the entry and subtle vee behind the back
fin. This set up is the best balance of the lift you need in waves with less
power, and the fluid rail to rail transactions associated with progressive

As for fins, when the waves are pumping our suggestion is to use a Thruster set up for turns and carves in the pocket. The MF FCS II Carbons would be a great set up for example. For weaker beach and point breaks when a bit more natural speed and drive are desirable, a quad set up is your the answer. A pair of FCS II Carver Quad rears in the back would be a nice touch. Don't' be scared to size up with your fins on this board, The 'Doofer This' copes really well with that extra drive.

When it comes to construction, if your looking for that extra response and pop, go for the E.S.E flex tech. For a more connected feel, the extra weight and flexibility of the Base construction, especially when its pumping, is a real treat.

When it all boils down to it, the ' Doofer This ' makes progressive surfing easy. You will gain confidence in bigger waves and still have a lot of fun on the average days. It's one of the best  ever selling surfboards in the U.K for a reason, it works for everyone in anything. Try it, and become a believer.