At Fourth we aspire to make the best surfboards available. We do this by focusing on three key principles:

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Relentless development

The development of a surfboard is never ending. The more you surf a board, the more opportunity there is to tweek, refine, and improve. In that respect every Fourth surfboard has literally had hundreds, thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of development hours surfed into it. It does not matter whether it's team riders, employees, customers, or Harty himself, every bit of feedback has value in the development of a world class surfboard.

highest quality

A surfboard is only as good as the quality of materials and construction techniques used in its creation. At Fourth we have scoured the planet, as well as invested heavily at home, to make sure we make the best quality surfboards available. Whenever we have visiting shapers one of the things they are most blown away with is the time and attention we invest in order to realise a superior product. If you can find a better made surfboard, let us know, we are always on the hunt for understanding on how to improve what we do.

lowest impact

It might seem insignificant compared to the impact of flying around the planet looking for waves, but we believe reducing the impact of what we do is just common sense. Our whole factory is run on solar and wind, we recycle all waste material, we use the most durable, and where possible, lowest impact materials available, but most importantly, we make boards that last, whilst thriving in your local conditions. We love a surf trip as much as the next surfer, but for the rest of the time we say stay home, surf more, do and own less of everything else.