This board has been designed to utilise speed in slower sections that traditional shortboards can’t reach for a fast, stable but super fun surfboard that can be ridden as a performance board in a wide range of conditions. The swallow tail design gives you pivot and drive down the line with less resistance if you want to slide the tail out for a skatey feel. The wide fish tail is super bladed out towards the tips of the swallow tails. This tail foil really helps bite into the face through turns, as it twists with the torque of the turn. Every rail to rail movement feels like a grind on the coping when skating.

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Tech Concept

The rocker is low in the tail and high in the nose, this ensures you have plenty of engagement through the fin area whilst avoiding the nose from bogging in turns, this makes for bigger drawn out carves on steeper sections.

The deck line has a slight single concave to help feel connected with the board at speeds. This then rolls into pitched 50/50 rails that blade out through the outline of the board to keep plenty of sensitivity and maintain hold on rail at speeds. The bottom contour is a vee with inside double, to keep the lift through the tail which works with the rails to assist with rail to rail transition. This can really be felt on a bottom turn when the slight side cuts in the outline are put to the test – where you think a twinny would slide, this board actually speeds up!

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5’619 1/22 7/1629.4
5’819 3/42 1/231.5
5’10202 9/1633.7
6’020 1/42 5/836.3
6’220 1/22 11/1638.6
6’420 3/42 3/441.1