Time Piece Redux

Oh its back baby!!! Ok so hands up we made a mistake.  The timepiece should always be in our line up……We did the timepiece on a limited edition run way back in 2016 before everyone else jumped on the mid-length vibes…. We sold out in less than a week and have been making steady amounts of custom orders ever since… so by popular demand …… we bring you the all new time piece redux. Ready to flow, glide, slide and ride into anything you want to surf it in.

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Tech Concept

The time piece is a fxxk you to high performance short boards. You don’t have to be pointy and white to be a demon in the pocket! It’s a new school approach to timeless flow and ease.

The out line has a progressive curve given the fact it is essentially a mini mal template. With a pulled in nose and straight rail line going into the pulled in thumb tail, it gives you forward momentum with control off the tail. The stability from the shape means it is easy to move about, even in slow crappy waves, but as soon as you get a bit of juice in the ocean this things handles it on rail like a boss…. the tail lift and deep spiralled vee gives lift and rail hold through the tail which feel amazing as a single fin, especially on cut backs and carves.

The rail shape stays low and knifey through out, meaning you can really dig it in the face at speed to get away with far more than you could on other more conventional mid-length shapes. The rocker is very relaxed in the nose with slight tail kick. It’s a balance between wave catching and manoeuvrability off the tail. The foil follows the rocker line with a very gradual distribution through the whole board. This gives you a stable platform that paddles well, floats high in the water and maintains speed in small weak surf. The key to this board is not packing the tail with too much volume; it is balanced but still very sensitive for the size and shape of board.

 Who should ride this board ?

Anyone of any ability who want the benefits of catching waves effortlessly without the mundane straight lines of regular mals and mid-lengths on the market. This board will make you get better at surfing.

HARTYS TIP –  go for a big 8.5 – 9 inch flextip fin and a smaller 6 inch fin with trailers so you have two set ups for this board. 2 + 1 set up for ease of use and single fin set up to really get that rail game dialled in. no better feeling in surfing than a huge cut back with a single fin mid-length!!

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
6’620 1/22 1/236.9
6’820 3/42 9/1639
6’10212 5/841.6
7’221 1/42 5/844.1
7’421 1/22 3/447.35
7’621 5/82 3/448.91