Stoker 2


Free surfing expression meets functional rail work. Push your own limits in a range of conditions with Alan Stokes’ 2016 signature model.

Tech Concept

The Stoker 2 has been a shape we have worked on for years, it’s been a top seller for the simple reason of being ridiculously fun for anyone who rides it. The new 2016 Stoker really has gone up a gear. We have tried to emulate shortboard drive and pocket mobility on rail whilst maintaining the over-all speed and flow. The nose shape has straightened a fraction, increasing the sensitivity, meaning harder rail turns are easier. We have straightened out the tail curve a little, added a small hip and increased the rail line slightly and lowered the wide point. This all adds up to slightly more hold on rail. The tail shape is a slightly wider squash, with a bit more base curve to help with off of the bottom surfing whilst maintaining platform for down the line surfing. It’s a great balance for high performance surfing in a range of conditions. The Stoker 2 will never change its original continuous rocker and deep single concaves, but with these added tweaks we have essentially created a speed stick with hold, drive and flow for anyone who wants high performance surfing to be as easy as possible. Ridden as a thruster for pivot and flow in equal measures, the Stoker 2’s unique higher back fin placement lends itself to initiating speed on weaker sections. As surfing progresses on to linked manoeuvres between rail work and aerials, the Stoker 2 moves with it ensuring it’s always the ultimate when it comes to performance based expression.

Who should ride this board?

Guys and girls who want to improve and test their own abilities whilst maintaining wave count and speed in average to good waves. Ride it with slightly more volume than your standard shortboard if you are looking to make things faster and easier, or slightly less than your current board if you are looking for a more responsive board to step down on to.

How the team ride this board

Stokesy rides this board as a stock 5’7”. He tends to ride it with the FCSII AM2 fins, but he will mix it up with his fins dependant on the waves and his frame of mind when surfing. Another popular set he uses with this model is the Julian Wilson JW1.


Stokesy Test Session

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeFin Setup
5’619 1/42 1/8263 Fin
5’819 1/22 3/1627.93 Fin
5’1020 3/42 1/4303 Fin
6’0202 5/16323 Fin
6’220 3/82 3/834.53 Fin
6’420 3/42 7/1636.83 Fin