Shorty Flex-Lite


Smooth, fast and responsive surfing for optimum performance in every day waves.

Tech Concept

This is a board model we have been playing with for around 3 years. The starting point was trying to bridge the gap of drive and speed with easy rail to rail transitions. You could say it’s another move forward to the ultimate performer in every day waves. As board design dives deeper, we learn from past experiences and better understand exactly what we want from a board; to optimise our performance on the wave, and ultimately, have a fun surf. The Shorty’s main aim is to make you feel so comfortable and in tune with your board that you trust it to perform, especially in every day waves.

The Flex-Lite construction ticks all the boxes from strength, flex, control, feel, weight and most importantly, versatility. When it comes to understanding flow, drive, control and speed, we looked at flex patterns and torque levels at different speeds. The aim was ensuring you can load up and release energy through turns using the curves of your surfboard that will keep your rails engaged with the face of the wave. We believe the versatility of this construction to be unrivalled in performance.


Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeFin Setup
5’8192 1/4253 Fin
5’1019 1/42 5/1626.73 Fin
6’019 1/22 3/828.63 Fin
6’219 3/42 7/1630.63 Fin
6’4202 1/232.53 Fin