Short Time

The fastest board we have ever made!! Small or weak waves just got easy. Like really easy. Slopey shapeless waves just got fun. Hours and hours of fun. It’s the board we all want in the shed for them days when all we want to do is get wet and go fast!!!!

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Tech Concept

Based on the flow and ease of use of the timepiece redux, but with a shorter rail line that is much easier to manipulate into tighter lines meaning you can fly anywhere you want on the wave. The outline is full and round with very little break in curve giving you a speed demon that is loose and very fluid through flat spots. The bottom shape is vee with double ensuring lift through the fins and the deck line is flat until it get to the rail which pinches down to offer as much sensitivity as possible given the sheer volume per square inch of this little masterpiece.  The rockers are low with the kicks front and back being accentuated by the vee bottom rising the curves just enough to feel controllable in the pocket. The 5 fin set gives you options which you have to explore just for the fun of trying. This is a novel board given the speed – made practical by key design points allowing control.

Who should ride this board?

Anyone. shredders looking for loads of fun without having to check the surf forecast or tides. Long boarders looking for same amount of waves but loads more freedom on the face of the wave. Beginners looking to up wave count and learn to turn. Groms looking to catch more waves than the long boarders. And everyone else in between… these things are incredible! Get one!!!

HARTYS TIP – always have this board in the car. No matter what. Its small so easy to travel with but it will get you in the water at any stage of tide, given any lack of accuracy of waves promised on the forecast sites. A board you just can’t regret owning.

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5’420 3/42 7/1629.2
5’6212 1/231.4
5’821 1/42 5/834.3
5’1021 5/82 11/1637
6’021 3/42 3/439.2
6’2222 13/1641.5
6’420 3/82 7/844.7