We took our most popular shortboard (The belly shank) and gave it the fish treatment. Giving you a ‘bro’ friendly version that opens up a wide and varied array of waves for good to average surfers looking for performance made easy.  Its fast, easy to jump on waves and has all the attributes of the shank on rail that make it such a popular board. Unleash the Rockstar and jam away until you aint got nothing left.

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Tech Concept

The outline of the shank it widened nose to tail in exactly the same curves. Taking out any twitch or shaky starts to a wave for surfers looking for a bit more forgiveness. Rockers are continuous and concaves are singles – just like the shank, but the rockstar also has a small amount of double through the fins to give you back some drive when working with the belly channels. Deck line and rails again are that of the shank just with more volume through the very centre of the board meaning maximum foam is packed into this performance fish. The versatility is endless in terms of surfers who can ride and enjoy the impacts of this board and waves this board can be ridden in due in part to the foam distribution on a performance shape and the 5 fin option opening up the doors to thruster, twin plus trailer and quad fin configs….

Who should ride this board

Shank riders looking for a small wave performer or everyday surfers wanting an easy rider high performer all-rounder with speed and forgiveness in equal measures.

HARTY’S TIP – The mrtx fcs2 fins are so good in this board endless amounts of fun to be had especially when its head high or smaller.

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5’719 3/42 3/828.2
5’9202 7/1630.3
5’1120 3/82 7/1632.6
6’020 1/22 1/233.1
6’220 13/162 9/1635.6
6’421 1/82 5/838