Rockstar Max

Using the same concept as the Rockstar which came off the infamous shank template to create you the ultimate high performance bro friendly all rounder. We now give you the small wave version to keep you shredding in the even the weakest of waves. I mean we can pack 33l litres into the 5’9! And it still feels like a blade. Its flatter, its wider and it carries more volume per inch than any of our performance boards.

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Tech Concept

The Rockstar Max finishes off the family tree of shank curves. A small wave machine that offers plenty of carry, tonnes of squirt and a lovely hold off the bottom to keep ya timing dialled without feeling like you need 5 surfs just to get used to surfing another board. This board is the key you have been looking for that unlocks all those frustrating surfs of averageness and turns them into a session of making lemonade from the lemons on offer. Continuous curves in outline and rocker, single concaves, clustered thruster set ups and ridden with the ese tech this board won’t be beaten in the uk….. just wait until you see the team shred it on this puppy!!!

Who should ride this board?

Any surfer can be sized up for the Rockstar max, from pro looking to eek out speed in slop to average weekend warriors looking to keep wave count at a max whilst going very fast on less than average waves. It really is a board for everyone….. You just gotta get the size right. Our recommendation is only 1 inch shorter than your standard board, and around 2 litres more foam. Or for intermediates looking to use the Rockstar max as there go to uk all rounder to catch loads of waves and make surfing easy then look for the board 1 -2 inches more than your head height with a volume calculated using these equations : your weight in kg divided by between 2.2 and 2.3.

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5’5202 7/1628.5
5’720 1/42 1/230.8
5’920 1/22 9/1633.1
5’1120 7/82 5/835.5
6’121 1/42 3/438.7
6’321 1/22 13/1641.4