Five Nine Max

We really got you something special with this bad boy. All the performance in a bigger board that catches waves easily and then takes advantage of a faster more stable platform in smaller conditions. Meaning you can chuck buckets on the loggers whilst taking off on everything you look at.  We have got no problem saying it’s the ultimate high performance groveler or all-rounder for the bigger guy.

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Tech Concept

Design wise this really is conceptually a bigger brother to our ever popular performance all rounder the fivenine. Lower tail with higher nose in the rockers offer loads of board in play when hitting flat spots…… wider tail with longer rail line hip offer tonnes of speed and pivot when required. Concaves complimenting the rockers to ensure lift and fluid transitions without having to nurse it through sections gives this board a real high performance feel with a board under you that catches waves effortlessly. Sticking the fcs2 5 fin option in just opens up the speed dial a couple notches and truly shows you the workability this board has in a range of conditions if you like boards carrying more foam.

Who should ride this board

High performance surfers looking to eek it out in smaller waves or bigger surfers looking for something to push as an all rounder.

HARTYS TIP – don’t be scared by going more volume on this board. Foam is your friend when it comes to performance in small waves – whatever your ability.

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5’5202 1/228.5
5’720 1/42 9/1630.5
5’920 1/22 5/832.7
5’1120 3/42 11/1634.7
6’020 7/82 3/435.8
6’2212 13/1638.2
6’421 3/82 7/840.8
6’621 5/8343.3