Fourth riders Tom Butler, Tom Lowe, Oli Adams and Gearoid McDaid all get plenty of opportunity to surf regularly in overhead surf and they want as much control as possible when getting into bigger waves and once they’re on their feet – this is where the Charge comes into its own.

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Tech Concept

The outline has a slightly wider nose template comparative to a shortboard which will increase the platform and lengthen the rail into a sensitive narrower tail for quick directional changes at speed and good hold in the face of the wave. Couple this with a bit of extra over all template width and you have a paddle machine that can take the wave early or be manipulated for later take offs dependant on the line you want to take.

The exit rocker is fairly low compared to the entry rocker which is high with a gradual curve. This ensures a lot of board is connected to the face on take offs and down the line, giving control to the right lines. When you do get a big section to pump through or a big bottom turn to execute the higher entry will fit with the curve to ensure you can wash that speed off whilst maintaining your control over the board. The extra width and entry rocker height complement each other really well to offer the best balance between sensitivity, stability and drive.

The deck offers a flat centre to allow for volume to be packed into the deck through the centre of the board through the chest area, this means you have plenty of board when paddling around the bigger faster surf and the chunkier line up. The rails pull down to a lower more pulled under soft rail through the centre of the board ensuring maximum hold and control at higher speeds.

The concave is single right through the board complemented by higher rocker which enables initial speed not just down the line but through turns when torque is applied. A very light double concave through the fins keeps the drive off the tail which is great for back foot surfing when the wave is doing all the work to maintain your speed. Bigger waves are all about the right line and controlling your speed.

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
6’3192 1/230.5
6’619 1/22 5/833.8
6’10202 3/438.5