BP Pro

One of the most dynamic longboards available on the market today. This longboard has limitless boundaries as far as performance long boarding is concerned with the reduced weight from our state of the art ESE epoxy technology, you could be surfing this 9’0 like its your standard shortboard. Add to it the unique blue bleed resin tint and you’ll be turning heads in and out of the water.

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Tech Concept

This board has high entry and exit rocker to accentuate rail work on waves with a pocket. The bottom shapes complement this rocker curve with a single through the nose. This offers quick response to speed manipulation and a nice platform to engage the fins when nose riding. The harder rails in the back half of the board and the softer boat rails through the nose give you a highly responsive, stable platform that is easy to move about in a range of conditions.

Stock Dimensions

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
9’0221/42 5/860.7