Bigger wave surfing is all about the right line and controlling your speed. The new charge will help maximise this ethos, while at the same time, making sure you get into the wave when you want/need to.

Tech Concept

Having a great team of surfers who want to push their limits in heavier waves makes boards like this easy to design and refine through rigorous testing. Tom Butler, Tom Lowe, Oli Adams and Gearoid McDaid all get plenty of opportunity to surf in overhead surf, so we have had plenty of opportunity to refine the Charge. Our team guys all want as much control as possible when getting into the wave and once on their feet. This approach helps us to utilise what is possible on bigger waves. So the first thing we looked out was outline; wider nose and tail templates have increased the platform and lengthened the rail. Couple this with extra overall template width, and you have a paddle machine that can take the wave early or be manipulated for later take offs dependant on the line you want to take. The exit rocker is fairly low, while the entry rocker is high with a gradual curve. This ensures a lot of board is connected to the face on take offs and down the line, giving you control when you get a big section to pump through, a big bottom turn to execute, a slashing hack, or to stall into the barrel. The extra width and entry rocker complement each other really well to offer what we feel is the best balance between sensitivity, stability and drive. The deck line offers a flat centre to allow for volume to be packed into the deck under the chest; this means you have plenty of board when paddling around chunkier line ups. The rails pull down to a lower, softer centre ensuring maximum hold and control at higher speeds. The concave is a single right through the length of the board which enables initial speed not just down the line but through turns when torque is applied. A double through the fins keeps plenty of drive off the tail, great for back foot surfing when the wave is doing all the work. Bigger waves are all about the right line and controlling your speed. The new Charge will help maximise this. Go Charge!