Bearman Pro


Performance surfing on a longboard! Construction and design meets surfing heritage and flow.

Tech Concept

Adam “Bearman” Griffiths has had an amazing couple of years with us; winning British titles, placing runner up in the Europeans, and placing in the world’s top 25 longboarders.  We have been tweaking his boards so much over the years and have come across a hybrid of two models that Bearman previously surfed in different conditions. Characteristically, the aims are the same; nose rides and flow, with a performance edge on rail. This board has high entry and exit rocker to accentuate rail work on waves with a pocket. The bottom shapes compliment this rocker curve with a single through the nose and a slightly wider nose template than the original Bearman Pro. This offers quick response to speed manipulation and a nice platform to engage the fins when nose riding. Add this approach to the wider over all template of the 2016 model, the harder rails in the back half of the board and the softer boat rails through the nose and you have yourself a highly responsive, stable platform that is easy to move about in a range of conditions. We will let Bearman’s surfing do the talking.

This board is a great all rounder, perfect to use in any conditions.