From China to Lavaca, Fourth teams super Sunday

From China to Lavaca, Fourth teams super Sunday

Sunday 6th December 2015

When one of the team has a great day it’s something to shout about when two do it’s reason to celebrate. This weekend two of our top riders showed that they have what it takes to mix it with the big leagues.

First off, Tom Butler. Our top big wave surfer on the team, Tom got a last minute call to the Lavaca XXL Invitational Big Wave event in Spain. Tom has been based in Ireland this winter looking to tame the beast that is Mullaghmore head, his previous two winters in Nazare saw him and his tow partner Seb Stutner win and XXL award. Concentrating on paddeling big waves this year Tom was in the perfect place to get a call up to this major European big wave event.


Butler at the Lavacaxxl event 2015

It wasn’t easy to get an idea of what was going with a Spanish webcast, but word emerged on Tom’s athlete page that he had placed 2nd in the final. Within 3 days Tom had gone from no invite to the comp, to taking 2nd out of 32 surfers and cementing his place in the top tier of European big wave surfers. An amazing day for Tom and for us at Fourth Surfboards, bring on the WSL Big Wave World Tour for 2016, finger crossed.


Lavaca XXL

Tom said “I gave the day my all and only needed to stand up on a second wave to win. I surfed the biggest wave of the final maybe of the day a huge left 12 mins into my 45 minute final. The end of the wave clipped my heels after trying to pull into the barrel.I then took a 20 min beating five big waves on the head nearly got washed into the rocks, eventually got rescued, swim back in for board change paddle back to the peak I had 10 mins and couldn’t find another wave. We’re so stoked for you Tom, 2016 is going to be a huge year for you.

Now onto China. 

Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths is in the WSL Jeep Longboard event in China. After breaking his leg on the run up to the event last year and only just making it back to some level of fitness in time for competition Adam was determined to make it further in this years only WSL longboard competition.

2015 has been a good year for Adam, he finished 3rd on the European events guaranteeing his place in China but also lifting and re gaining his confidence. After a close semi final at the Boardmasters event in Newquay his home wave, Adam went onto another 3rd in Portugal this November.

However the world events are another level, the Americans, Australians and South American surfers are on point and thrive on the big stage. It always seemed that Adam would be the almost guy in these events, start with a high eight point ride, need a low score and either fall through nerves or just not get the waves needed in time. With his confidence peaking, this year has been a turning point and Adam cruised his first heat.


Adam progressing through heats and into round 3

Into Round 2 he drew a hard heat, but this time the nearly man dug it out and pulled out the score when he needed it most. Waiting until the last minute of his heat Bear got the score and won the heat progressing into round 3. Proof that he has what it takes to make it further on the biggest stage in surfing and a great boost of confidence going into a tough round 3 heat.


After his last minute winning wave.

Into round 3 Ad now takes on Taylor Jensen. As hard a heat as you can think of, its like having Slater in your next heat. However as they say if you want to win you have to beat the best and based on his last performance we have every confidence that our man can make through this next round and into the sharp end of the competition.

It’s not every day that two of your surfers achieve big things and show their true ability and talent. We couldn’t be more proud of the lads. If you want to follow Adam’s progress head to the WSL site. If you want to keep up with what the guys are doing all year round head their Facebook pages and keep up to date with two of the UK’s top pro surfers.

Adam Griffiths and Tom Butler



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